Creative Direction for Agile Brand Development


As co-founder of Brand Hack, I developed a model for engagement to deliver sprint-based brand development to early-stage, high-growth enterprise. In addition to traditional stakeholders, we worked and designed alongside users to harness their needs and build for inclusion.

 Brand Hack's website lets startups design their own branding sprint

Brand Hack's website lets startups design their own branding sprint


As creative director, I ensured that key stakeholders—users, founders and their teams, investors, creative consultants including visual designers, copywriters, and developers—had space to collaborate quickly and efficiently for the creation of user-centered brands. 


"Ben is a talented designer and entrepreneur, and confident enough to focus on the needs of everyone else in the room."

Mapkin CEO Marc Regan


Mapkin, acquired by MapQuest in 2016, was at a critical phase when they approached us for a brand development sprint. They needed to understand who they were as a company and how to leverage that identity to attract and retain users and secure investment.


The sprint included all four of Mapkin team members, my co-founder Allana Taranto as project manager and photographer, a copywriter, a visual identity designer, and a web developer.

Our approach divides the sprint into three parts: discovery, strategy, and execution. By turning around a full-scale brand in a single day, we empower startups to deploy and test their identity as they would their product. We then reconvene as needed to iterate on the brand, perfecting it for growth.