Build Your Brief

These questions are hard! Don’t feel bad if you can’t answer them all. They get easier the more we talk.


A solid brief is the beating heart of every successful design project. To get started in building a proposal with me, answer as many of the questions as you can. We can work on the rest together.

If the work in question needs to be broken into phases, name them here and submit separate forms for each phase.
How will you know this project is a success? What outcomes are required for it to be successful? How will we measure those results?
Who is your customer? Who's the primary user of this experience? Is there a secondary user? How old are they, where do they live, what matters to them? Most importantly: what are their goals for this experience?
How do you know you need to do this project? What signal or signals have you seen which warrant attention? What data sets exist that prove the need for this work?
What makes this project more important than any others—what makes it a priority? Why is now the right time to do it?
Does this project have a deadline? Are there other key dates impacting its development?
How much has your organization allotted for this work?
Who are the project's key decision-makers? Who will provide consultation? Who in your organization will be responsible for participating in the work?
What technical or creative requirements exist for this work?
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