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Case Studies


Sona Confections Visual Identity

The final identity design

The final identity design


  • Goal Communicate Sona’s brand: nice, inviting, warm; intelligent, calm

  • Result Five out of seven persona-matched participants concur with description.

  • Timeline Eight weeks

  • Team Myself, the founder and a creative director

  • Cost $4,382

Research & Discovery

Business Plan

User Stories


Synthesis & Definition

Creative Brief

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Keyword Analysis



Once all stakeholders had collected inspiration, I filtered those looks through the lens of both the project goal—nice, inviting, warm, intelligent, calm—and collected them into mini collections, each espousing a key attribute of the brand.

How Might We…?

Developing Ideas

Hand Sketching

The quickest and easiest way to begin expressing your ideas is to pick up a pen and paper (or iPad and Procreate, in this case) and start drawing.


These ideas are unformed, and largely went unused, but gave the project forward momentum and helped me to see what doesn’t work, which is as important as what does.


From the sketching, I distilled the most successful ideas into three concepts, which were developed in collaboration with the project’s Creative Director.

These were shared with the client for his feedback—he preferred #2—and refined.



Based on feedback from the client, several modifications of option #2 were explored.


The resulting identity was collected into a “look board” that could be shared with a small audience representing the customer persona.

Artboard 1 copy 14@2x-100.jpg


An excerpt from the testing report

An excerpt from the testing report

Establishing metrics for success allowed us to take this direction and test it to see if it was resonating with our target audience in the right way. The creative team sent the stimulus above to eight participants for their impression.

See the Full Report (PDF)

Refinement, Build & Delivery

Next Steps

Further testing on the final identity revealed