Design Instructor, General Assembly

As an instructor at General Assembly, I regularly lead UX and design thinking workshops, led three eight-week Visual Design courses, and spoke about the future of branding at the 2016 State of Innovation conference. My average student NPS score is 86.3.

Speaking at the 2016 BostInno State of Innovation Forum.

Speaking at the 2016 BostInno State of Innovation Forum.

Design Thinking

Design is a powerful force in the economy today. My one-day bootcamps with General Assembly Boston draw from the IDEO and Stanford approaches to design thinking.

"Ben was excellent, organized, and embodied the key element of design thinking: empathy."

Design Thinking student

I guide new designers through the process of empathizing with users and reimagining an everyday product or service from their lives, then prototyping and testing their ideas.

Visual Design

When preparing professionals for new or renewed careers in design, I stress the importance of stakeholder input (both collaborative partners and users) and personal passion. Harnessing intrinsic motivators really fuels a new career in design, which I define as the practice of changing the world.

Course topics include Stakeholder Discovery, Composition, UX/UI Design, Color, Typography, Responsive Design, and tools like Sketch, InVision and Adobe Creative Cloud.

"Ben is one of the most influential instructors I have ever worked with."

Visual Design student

When leading students through classic visual design lessons, I incorporate current and past client projects, tying abstract concepts to real-life work.