TRanslating the Whole Foods Brand


Six months into my tenure as Director of Product Design at Lighter, our business model shifted from B2C to B2B; we began white-labeling our software for thought leaders in the wellness space, so they could use our recipe database and recommendation engine to serve their customers.

One of our first clients was Whole Foods Market, whose CEO, John Mackey, wrote a book about plant-based eating.


Working with Whole Foods' internal marketing team, I designed a book marketing site (above) that reflected their brand. Linked to from the book site, a landing page introduced users to the Whole Foods Diet Meal Planner, the white-labeled version of Lighter's app.


Creating the a Whole Foods-branded version of the app required a thorough systematization of the Lighter UI. Lighter's engineering team and I created a cross-deployment mastering program to ensure that future product development is predictable and stable.



Lighter Color Master

Whole Foods Color Master

Calls to Action

 Lighter CTA Master

Lighter CTA Master

Whole Foods CTA Master



Lighter Type Master

Whole Foods Type Master




With this system in place, all white-label deployments (we're currently supporting five) draw from a shared front-end code base, giving our team a stable and predictable product development workflow.