Top of Mind

Monday, May 20, 2019


This morning I was accepted to be a part of the mentorship community. I’m eager to continue honing my coaching and mentorship skills, and focusing that work on under-represented groups within the design community.

Site Redesign

Last week I did a day-long working session with copywriter and content specialist Angela Gaimari, who is also a good friend and long-time collaborator. In addition to some very peaceful moments in her hometown of Truro, Massachusetts, we took a hard look at each others’ sites—I at her design and she at my copy. As my site is currently undergoing big changes, she took a high level approach to the content, namely my coaching service.

Curriculum Design

I’m traveling to Sonoma Thursday for Memorial Day Weekend, then spending a week with my good friend Robert O’Shaughnessy, who has a marketing agency supporting both the real estate (New Ground Agency) and cannabis (Higher Ground Agency) industries. While there, I’ll work to finalize my plan for the part-time Visual Design (Jun 4 – Jul 30) and UX Design (Jun 17 – Aug 26) courses I’m teaching with General Assembly Boston starting in June. I’d like to integrate the two courses meaningfully, similar to how they are integrated in real life.

Visual Design Inspiration